Empowering Carers through Knowledge, Support & Advocacy

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The Advocacy & Support Program provides support and advocacy for foster and kinship carers.

Working closely with carers, our advocates liaise with the management teams in the Department of Children and Families to work through and resolve any issues for foster and kinship carers. They link carers with support agencies as well as providing advice and support for everyday issues that arise in the day to day caring role.

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Ready to be a foster or kinship carer?

Foster and kinship carers come from all walks of life and can be busy families, retirees who want to give back, professionals such as teachers and medical staff, grandparents taking in relatives, Aboriginal people embracing family and everyday Territorians opening their homes and their hearts to children in need.

Foster and kinship carers are the backbone of the child protection system. They provide care for vulnerable children in the community. Consider becoming a carer - you really can make a difference in a child’s life!

The mother of two first signed up to become a foster carer in 2000 after a young girl confided in her about being sexually abused by a relative. 

Louisa Castle didn’t choose to be a foster carer, the children chose her.

Falling for the relaxed, tropical lifestyle of the Top End was easy, but it was winning the hearts of two little vulnerable girls that was the hardest and “best thing” they have ever done. 

Opening up their home and hearts to three-year-old twin girls is the “best thing that has ever happened” to a Darwin couple who became foster parents.

Bees Creek couple Michelle and Ian, who have three children of their own, were daunted but not put off giving two year old special needs twins a home.

Any parent with twins knows the challenges of double trouble. Combine that with fragile health and the challenge to look after two little vulnerable girls may have seemed insurmountable for one Darwin family.
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