About Us

About Us

Foster and Kinship Carers Association NT has offices in Darwin and Alice Springs with permanent and voluntary support staff in key regional centres. We have an independent Board of Directors that consists of foster and kinship carers and affiliated organisations, drawn from across the Northern Territory and with a shared passion for quality care that gives children the best possible start in life.

Foster and Kinship Carers Association NT works in partnership with government and other agencies to contribute to policy and legislation and represent the needs and interests of foster and kinship carers.



Our service includes 

  • being a voice for foster and kinship carers through advocacy and lobbying
  • raising issues on behalf of individual or all carers to improve policy, standards of care and the needs of carers
  • providing confidential advice
  • providing information on carers rights
  • sharing tips and knowledge to help carers with their work
  • networking
  • training and professional development
  • mentoring and support
  • providing information to people thinking about becoming a carer



Code of Conduct

At Foster and Kinship Carers Association NT we are committed to supporting and sustaining good work practices and continually striving to improve our work environment so we can provide the best possible service for our clients.

Our Code of Conduct encourages all Association members, Board members and staff to:

Be open and frank

  • project a positive image
  • nurture an open communication ethos
  • listen without judgement, speak clearly and truthfully

Be respectful and value diversity

  • treat others as we expect to be treated
  • recognise the value of diversity; culturally and socially
  • respect and behave sensitively to differing beliefs and values

Earn public trust

  • be open, honest and accountable
  • honour our clients confidentiality and privacy
  • earn the confidence placed in Foster and Kinship Carers Association NT 

Be honest and demonstrate integrity

  • be truthful with self and others
  • be prepared to voice opinions, take action and be accountable
  • be truthful and accurate in recording and reporting information

Be fair and just

  • provide quality service for all
  • behave impartially and with fairness
  • respect the rights and contributions of all in the organisation

Participate in the adventure

  • work together to achieve shared goals
  • develop yourself; personally and professionally
  • explore and pursue new opportunities to meet evolving needs

At all times, we should aspire to uphold these values and allow them to guide our activities and interactions.