Our Board of Management

The Board of Management is made up of dedicated volunteers, experienced foster and kinship carers and professionals from across the Northern Territory.

Its focus is the strategic direction of the organisation, protecting the interests of all foster and kinship carers and ensuring the best outcomes for all children in care.


Sue Price

Kathryn Howitt

Alice Springs, Chairperson


I come from South Australia and moved to the Northern Territory 10 years ago. I have one son who is now 30 years old and lives in South Australia. I have four fluffy white dogs who I adore.

I am a Registered Nurse and felt I could do more to help so I investigated becoming a foster carer two years ago. I am a foster carer now and have been since December 2013. I found foster caring quite challenging at first, but now I am very comfortable with providing fulltime support and love to my foster child. I am conscious of the fact I am not her legal guardian but she is my child in every other way. The hardest part is trying to maintain her connection with own family.

I work as a Health Promoting School Nurse and love children of all ages. I predominately work with children with special needs. I have been a Nurse for 33 years and have had many varied roles during this time including Senior Management in Aged Care, Disability Care and working in the Emergency Department in Darwin prior to moving to Alice Springs.

I bring to the board my experience as manager, ability to care and support others, health knowledge and ability to see the bright side when there does not seem to be one. My goal as a board member and in life, is to support others to achieve their goals in life and receive the best holistic care possible.

Jennie Vallely

Jake Quinlivan

Wadeye, Vice Chairman

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I am a Regional Director for Wadeye with the Northern Territory Government Department of the Chief Minister. I provide a lead role in building strong relationships with the local Wadeye community, broader region and its members.  I am responsible for providing high quality advice, management of complex projects and coordination of services to support the development of strategies for effective service delivery to the region under the Northern Australia development agenda and the Community Champions Program.  

As a registered carer for over three years and having a deep understanding of the out of home care system, I am committed to being a strong advocate for the Foster Carers Association NT as the peak body providing support, advice and advocacy services to the Northern Territory’s foster and kinship carers.

Louisa Castle

Acacia Hills, Treasurer

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I am an Australian Indigenous woman, I have been married to Ian for over 25 years and we have two children of our own. I am one of 11 siblings and I have been a foster carer since about 2000 because I had experienced being a foster child. As one of the younger children in my family, my older sisters looked after me after my mother died when I was 13, so that inspired me to become a foster carer and help other children.

I have done respite, short and long-term and emergency care. I have two foster children who have been with me and my family since 2003.

They are treated and seen as part of our family.

Being a foster carer is very rewarding. I have worked with many case managers and children, but working with the Foster Carers Association NT has been a great experience and pleasure as it strives to improve conditions for the very valuable kinship and foster carers.

Sue Price

Palmerston, Secretary

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How do you do, my name is Sue. John and I have been carers for over 10 years now and along with our birth children Kirri and Lachlan, we do mainly short term care, respite and emergency care.

We have had many children and young people stay at our home, all of them leaving a footprint in our lives and we hope we can leave a tiny footprint in their lives. To us it is important that our whole family shares a commitment to children who need love and care.

I am a teacher of more than 30 years in the Top End, so children have been my passion for a long time. Time with our children is a priority to John and I, but I also enjoy a variety of craft activities in my leisure time.

Tracey Brand

Alice Springs, Committee

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I am a Central Arrernte woman born and raised in Alice Springs. I am the General Manager of Health Services at the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress.

I have worked as an Executive Director in the MacDonnell Regional Council and the Department of the Chief Minister and served as the Deputy Director of Tangentyere Council for over 10 years.

I am an active member on a number of community, research and government boards and have a passion in improving the social determinates and life outcomes for Aboriginal people.

I hold a Master of Business Leadership, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Aboriginal Administration, a Bachelor of Business and I am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I was a foster carer for over 6 years and have a strong committment to ensure carers are valued and have access to resources and support to enable the best outcomes for children in care.

Louisa Castle

Kay Eade

Alice Springs, Committee

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I am the Executive Officer of The Chamber of Commerce NT, Central Region. I have been in this role since February 2009 which has given me exposure to many committees and boards. This has helped me learn about good governance, while ensuring that not-for-profit organisations are sustainable financially. My organisation relies on members as clients, so I also know the relevance of providing essential member benefits to ensure satisfaction within the association.

My role as carer comes under the banner of kinship carer, although this relationship is not documented. I have been caring for my granddaughter since April 2007. Many grandparents provide care for their grandchildren and are not recognised or compensated for this service. Although we do it for love, there are many grandparents who are struggling financially to raise a second generation.

I would like to raise awareness of this situation, so struggling grandparents are entitled to some relief.

Necia Sutton

Necia Sutton

Darwin River, Committee

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I became a carer in 2000 after speaking with an indigenous friend that was looking after a special needs child in care. My children had grown up and moved on and I thought "wow there are so many kids that need love and support". Now, many years later, I have four long term children, three with special needs to keep me on my toes, but I learn from them.

I am fortunate that I can communicate well with the department and advocate for these children so that they can grow up strong and healthy and they know that they have my love and support throughout life no matter what.

I have worked with Foster Carers Association NT as a peer support person helping other carers. I also volunteer helping with the training of new foster and kinship carers that are coming on board.

This is a rewarding part of my life being able to help, support and advocate for children and carers.

Kathleen Wileman

Alice Springs, Committee

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I came to the Territory in 1995, firstly to Yularra where I worked at the child care centre and as a lifeguard and swim teacher at the resident's pool.

I became a foster carer after I moved to Alice Springs. Before long our home was a constant place for little people to come and stay, some for a night, a week, a month or a year. Over the past 14 years I have had more than 60 children stay in our home.

I work at Acacia Hill School for Special Needs Children, where my role is a water therapy and swim teacher. My hobbies are swimming and camping. Cruising the South Pacific and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters is something that gives me great pleasure.

I have acquired so much knowledge regarding fostering over the past 14 years and I hope I can share this knowledge in my role on the board. 

Dom Crea

Darwin, Committee

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My wife and I have been carers since 2012. We care for three beautiful young children whom have been entrusted in our long term care. We have called Darwin home since 2008.

In our time as carers we have experienced both the positive and negative sides of the foster care system. We have at times felt lost and alone, confused and misled as to what our actual roles are or should be, and most of all what our rights are as carers. We have also been fortunate enough to have had the assistance and support of the Foster Carers Association NT, as well as the guidance and support of some motivated and fantastic people within Territory Families.

I strongly believe that the best advocates for children in care are their carers.  I want to learn as much as I can to not only continue advocating for the children we look after, but to utilise every avenue and resource possible to ensure they are given every opportunity to become success stories in their own right.

I have an interest in permanent care orders and believe that children in long term care and their carers alike, should not be restricted in bettering their lives because of out-dated policies or indifferent political views.

I’m hoping by joining the Committee that I can share my successes and knowledge, and look forward to working with the Association so as to better represent and empower the carer community.

Lyndon Ross

Darwin, Committee

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