Advocacy for Carers

There are many definitions of advocacy, but in essence it is speaking, acting and writing with minimal conflict of interest on behalf of the sincerely perceived interests of a disadvantaged person or group to promote, protect and defend their welfare and justice.
*Definition as discussed during a National Advocacy Workshop Sydney 1994 and based on the work of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger. (Ref. Queensland Advocacy Inc.)

Other definitions may describe the process as standing alongside an individual who is disadvantaged and speaking out on their behalf.

The term advocate is derived from the Latin ‘to be called to stand beside’. Good advocacy should be working in partnership and good listening and communication between the individual and advocate on equal levels.

At Foster Carers Association NT we strive to achieve the most desirable outcomes for our carers.  

If you would like to discuss any concerns you may have, or need further guidance, please complete the advocacy form and we will make every effort to assist in the progression and resolution of your matter.

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When can foster and kinship carers request advocacy and support from Foster Carers Association NT?

We suggest that where possible, the preferred course of action initially is to attempt to resolve issues by discussing matters of concern with your Department of Children and Families Case Manager or Carers Support Worker either through a phone call or email.

However, if this process does not result in an acceptable resolution of the carer’s issues, foster and kinship carers who are members of Foster Carers Association NT are able to have support and advocacy provided to them from our organisation.

There may be occasions when some carers feel that they are not able to adequately express their view point in meetings or may feel intimidated by staff especially where conflict has already arisen between the carer and staff of the Department of Children and Families.

If such an occasion occurs carers can request assistance from one of the Foster Carers Association NT Advocates. Assistance may be in the form of contact with the Department of Children and Families on behalf of the carer or accompanying carers to and/or supporting them at meetings.

Carers may request to have the Foster Carers Association NT Advocate accompany them to meetings at the Department of Children and Families. They can also make a request that a meeting be held at Foster Carers Association NT office.


How can carers make a request for support or advocacy from Foster Carers Association NT?

Our Advocacy Service Form can be can be completed online.

Completing this form allows the advocate designated to provide assistance, to see the reason for the request and also to identify what outcome the carer would like to achieve through the process.

Carers may prefer to telephone Foster Carers Association NT in Darwin on 08 8945 3364 or Alice Springs 08 8952 9202 or call into either of our offices by appointment for a confidential discussion with one of our Advocates about their concerns.


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