Carers Assessment Process

Assessment process for new carers

Step 1: Express interest in becoming a foster or kinship carer

Contact Foster Carers Association NT (FCANT) and/or DCF to express interest in becoming a carer. It is a good idea to have a telephone or face to face conversation with one of our advocates prior to applying to become a foster or kinship carer. Interested parties can complete the Foster Carers Association NT Membership and Carer Expression of Interest form to commence the application process.

Step 2: Pre-assessment Screening Checks

At the commencement of the application process the applicant is required to participate in a series of screening checks. These include:

Talk to your carer support and assessment worker about payment and reimbursement for costs associated with applying for the screening check.

Step 3: Pre-Service Training

As part of the assessment process carers are required to complete the DCF Foster & Kinship Induction Training which comprises 6 modules of competency. 

Module 1 - Introduction to Foster Caring
Module 2 - Caring for Aboriginal Children in Your Care
Module 3 - A New Child in Your Home
Module 4 - Understanding Why Children Come into Care
Module 5 - Understanding the Impacts of Trauma and Creating a Healing Home
Module 6 - Managing Continuity and Self-Care

Carers will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing of all of the modules.

Step 4: Carer Assessment Interviews

The full carer assessment will be completed over approximately 2-3 visits with at least one of the visits being conducted in the applicant’s home. 

Where age and developmentally appropriate, the DCF assessment & support worker may involve children and/or young people, and other household members in the interview process.

Step 5: Carer Assessment Report is completed and submitted to DCF

The DCF carer assessment and support worker will complete a comprehensive report summarising findings from the interviews, screening checks and making recommendations. 

Applicants will be provided with the opportunity to make comment on the report prior to it being submitted. Any comments will be documented and submitted as an attachment. Applicants are entitled to discuss any disagreement with the report and its recommendations with a more senior assessor.

Step 6: Application Outcome Notification – Successful or Unsuccessful 

The initial approval for new carers is a maximum of 12 months. The carer’s approval status will reflect number of children, gender, age, type of care (emergency, respite, long-term or short-term) and whether they are able to care for children with special needs.
After the initial 12 month review, registered carers will be asked to participate in a reregistration process as determined by DCF.


Who pays the foster carer entitlements?

When you become a carer there are various payments and concessions you are entitled to as part of your caring role. There are some things you will be expected to pay for; The Alternative Care Support Payments Quick Reference Guide outlines who pays for what