Carer Stories

Carer Stories

The couple’s dedication to Evelyn has been recognised Territory-wide.

Not every foster carer can say they watched their foster daughter being born. 

They relish the fact that their family has never been normal.

The couple have been fostering children from around the NT for over 10 years.

Any parent with twins knows the challenges of double trouble.

Bees Creek couple were daunted but not put off giving two year old special needs twins a home.

The memory of a Brisbane high school friend who was fostered led Jacinta Boniwell to become a foster parent.

Being a foster carer is walking side by side with the child/young person for a short or longer time while they journey through a difficult time of thei rlives. It is challenging and rewarding.

A holiday for the Koop family

It’s not often a foster child gets to go to Disneyland. But if the Koop family of Alice Springs is going, that means their six-year-old foster-daughter is too.

Louisa Castle didn’t choose to be a foster carer, the children chose her.

The mother of two first signed up to become a foster carer in 2000 after a young girl confided in her about being sexually abused by a relative. 

Opening up their home and hearts to three-year-old twin girls is the “best thing that has ever happened” to a Darwin couple who became foster parents.

Falling for the relaxed, tropical lifestyle of the Top End was easy, but it was winning the hearts of two little vulnerable girls that was the hardest and “best thing” they have ever done.