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The Foster Carers Association NT is the peak body providing support, advice and advocacy services to the Northern Territory’s foster and kinship carers.

Membership of the Association is free and open to all carers. By joining the Association you are contributing to our strong and united voice advocating for carers for a better out of home care system.

As a member you will also have access to:

  • Advocacy & support program - our advocates provide free, independent and confidential support, advice and advocacy to foster and kinship carers, help with complex case management issues and liaise with the Department of Children and Families to ensure concerns are resolved
  • Legislation, policy & procedures - our advocates provide carers with up to date interpretation of Government policy and procedures plus information about carers rights and entitlements
  • Newsletter and e-news bulletins - our team produce a monthly newsletter, regular e-news bulletins and targeted invitations and updates to keep you in touch
  • Professional development - including training, workshops, fact sheets, tips and tools
  • Social media - our team will keep you abreast of the current issues, events and stories of interest as well as the occasional animal picture via our social media platforms of twitter, facebook and youtube.
  • Representation by a peak body to lobby government on behalf of carers.

Membership Categories

Full Member (full voting rights)

  • Registered foster carers, kinship carers, respite carers and emergency carers
  • Former carers
  • Persons interested in foster care and child protection

Associate Membership (no voting rights)

  • Agencies and organisations with an interest in foster caring

To assist us in processing your application as quickly as possible, please ensure you have a valid OCHRE card. If you do not have one or need to renew an existing card, please visit the Safe NT website to apply. 

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Jacinta Boniwell

Long term carer

"Being a foster carer is walking side by side with the child/young person for a short or longer time while they journey through a difficult time of their lives. It is challenging and rewarding.

Foster Carers Association NT is an important support for carers and ultimately the children we care for. I really appreciate their knowledgeable and effective support in dealing with a number of matters so that I could get on with the day to day support of those in my care."

Nathan and Emma Baunach

Long term carers

"The most rewarding thing we've done in our lives.

The reality of providing out of home care for children is such that you often need additional support external to your family unit. Foster Carers Association NT provided us with expert advice and support when we needed it."

The Price Family

Emergency, short term and respite carers

"I'm always amazed at how well children adapt and manage to thrive once provided with a stable environment.

It's always a delight to see the faces of the young visitors that have graced our doorstep who are now living in long term placements and continuing to do well, or hearing stories of children that have successfully been able to return to family and knowing we were part of their journey."