Carer Advisory Group

Carer Advisory Group

In October 2018 we commenced our very first Carer Advisory Group.

We sought interest from carers in both the Northern & Southern regions to develop a balanced and transparent group to represent foster and kinship carers across the Northern Territory.

We are confident that the FKCA Carer Advisory Group has the best interests of Foster and Kinship Carers at heart. Meetings are facilitated by FKCA and represent a wealth of knowledge.

Experienced carers on this Advisory panel have been delivering foster care for 5 to 15 years and have a common interest of ensuring the voices of carers are heard.

In summary, the goals of the Carer Advisory Group are to:

  • Provide comment and advice on policy, legislation or other matters referred by Territory Families
  • Identify issues and seek solutions to influence positive change for the Out of Home care sector
  • Engage in open and transparent discussions to develop a more cohesive partnership and positive outcome for children and young people in care

Carers on the Advisory Group meet regularly via video link and maintain a balanced and respectful conversation ensuring the things that matter to carers remain at the core of discussion.

It is reassuring to see the passion and energy of this first Carer Advisory group. Their commitment to supporting other carers is driving positive change for all foster and kinship carers and I we look forward to future conversations.